You: What is this “chicka-d”? (And do you sell chicken sandwiches?)

Us: No sandwiches, just clothes. Chicka-d was founded upon the simple idea that women should have more fashionable clothing options when supporting their favorite sports teams. We create fashion-forward, trendy licensed apparel for women and kids. We place an emphasis on trend research, high-quality materials and innovative embellishments (a.k.a. the bling).

You: Where did you get the idea?

Us: Circa 2002 Lauren Polt was just a co-ed who happened to be studying fashion design at the University of Texas at Austin. While taking part in the typical college tailgating tradition before football games she noticed that there weren’t many fashionable options for women who wanted to look good at the games. All that was available were men’s tshirts and a few tank tops. After realizing she was not going to find what she wanted in stores she decided to make her own outfit from a t-shirt. Not only did it draw a lot of attention, it planted the seed for chicka-d….

You: Tell me more about how you got started.

Us: Fast forward a few years, a designer job in New York City and the nagging in the back of Lauren’s mind that this idea has some potential. In a leap of faith Lauren moved back to Austin to start the company with business partner Daniel Pereyra, and together they designed and launched the first collection: five pieces for two universities who were willing to give them a license- Texas Tech and Baylor. The clothes were delivered to Daniel’s driveway (the loading dock), stored in his garage (the warehouse), and all chicka-d business was conducted from his house (chicka-d national headquarters).

You: Obviously this has grown. What’s been happening since then?

Us: Oh boy did we grow….we went from 2 to over 80 NCAA University licenses. We went from being carried in 2 stores to about 600 across the US. We’ve been able to produce some NBA and NHL product. We added kid’s styles in infant, youth and toddler sizes.

You: What’s your next step?

Us: We’ve got some great plans in the works so stay tuned….

You: Oooh. What a teaser! How can I stay tuned?

Us: Four simple steps.